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Distracted Driving: A Dangerous Anti-Safety Trend on America’s Roads

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about the “texting while driving” trend. Today, I came across this little article in the ABA Journal. I thought it might be a good follow-up to yesterday’s post.

The article indicates that drivers who talk on their cell phones while driving are as likely to be involved in an accident as someone with a .08 alcohol level (at or almost at the legal limit of a DUIL in many states). Further, it names coffee, hot soup, and tacos as the most dangerous food items. It asks the question: What is the craziest thing you’ve seen someone do while driving? The attached article does not provide the answer, but I got my hands on some of the “featured answers” to the ABA’s question. While they are funny, perhaps unbelievable, but the activities reported are also very dangerous. Here are the top three “featured answers”:

Posted by Laura: “I was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Philadelphia, and I saw a man playing the bagpipes while driving. It was crazy!”

Posted by David D.: “Playing the trumpet!! On my way back to Champaign, IL, two years ago, I saw a man practicing the trumpet while he was driving on 57 South. We immediately took out a camera and snapped a pic.”

Posted by Tom: “I saw a driver playing the flute on GA400 in Atlanta. For a brief moment I thought perhaps he was using it to control his car. Maybe he and David D’s trumpet player can start a band!”

These guys make texting while driving seem like minor activity. I don’t know what laws are on the books against various means of distracted driving; Lawsuit Financial supports, as stated yesterday, a national ban on texting while driving. Hopefully, each state already has laws or will pass laws against other forms of distracted driving. In my wildest nightmare, I never thought we needed laws prohibiting the playing of musical instruments while driving; I figured that common sense would suggest that this is extremely dangerous, not only to yourself, but to others. All I can say is: be careful out there; watch out for the bagpipe guy!