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Devastating DUI Crash in Texas Kills Husband and Wife’s Unborn Son

Despite increased awareness, as well as stricter laws and criminal penalties for DUI, many motorists continue to drink and drive. In a matter of seconds, lives are changed forever.

On August 2, a Mexican-born aspiring carpenter and his pregnant wife were on their way home from the immigration office where they learned that his application was approved for U.S citizenship. The woman was behind the wheel of their Toyota Corolla when a car coming in the opposite direction crossed the center line and slammed into their vehicle, killing her husband. She was taken to the hospital in serious condition, which included a brain bleed. Two days after the crash, and after nearly 24 hours of induced labor, the woman delivered her stillborn son. Since leaving the hospital, she hasn’t had time to process the death of her husband and unborn child; she has been working in funeral arrangements.

Witnesses told police they saw a woman in a bikini rolling a bottle of alcohol under a parked car after the crash. When police spoke to the 21-year-old woman, she admitted to consuming beer and liquor while floating the Guadalupe River at Texas State Tubes prior to the crash. She has since been charged with two counts of intoxication manslaughter and one count of intoxication assault.

While there is nothing the surviving victim can do to bring back her husband and child, she should consult an experienced attorney to understand her rights. It is not just about the compensation for her loss. A wrongful death lawsuit sends a powerful message – drunk driving is a crime and wrongdoers will be punished.

Pursuing a lawsuit takes a long time. Even if a case seems clear cut, compensation may be months, even years away. How does a seriously injured accident victim support him/herself while waiting for the case to settle? The answer is, of course, lawsuit funding.

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