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Defective PVC Bursting Pipes Lead to Legal Battle

When companies pull a fast one on consumers, the results have a tendency to cause serious personal injury or death. This case could be a prime example of a company that was falsifying records and taking short cuts that made their product unreliable and unstable.

It is alleged that a former employee of JM Eagle, hired to handle certification of a new manufacturing process, discovered that the pipes he was supposed to subject to an extensive range of tests were not up to the proper standards. The former employee accuses the company of lying about product quality. It is argued that pipes that were supposed to last 50 years were rupturing before the first year was up. Ruptured pipes lead to explosions, leaks, fires and other serious hazards and it is argued that government water systems, locally and federally, have ruptured and caused serious injuries from resulting cave ins.

The argument goes that the company had been selling substandard pipes (plastic) since as far back as 1996. That’s a whole lot of piping for various uses being installed across the nation that didn’t meet industry standards, but was billed out at industry prices. A lawsuit filed in this instance, one referred to as a whistleblower lawsuit, contends that less than half of the piping JM Eagle sold would have been qualified to “be” sold if it had been properly tested.

What started out as one man blowing the whistle has turned into a mass tort litigation effort, with over 40 states now participating in the lawsuit. Many of these states have experienced exploding, cracking and leaking pipes resulting in work related injuries to maintenance workers and massive unexpected budget expenditures to fix the problems.

In this scenario, there will be a large number many people waiting for the lawsuit to settle. Cases like this have been known to take years to settle, and in the meantime, the plaintiff(s) will have to get on with their usual lives, pay bills, handle expenses; deal with medical bills for any injuries sustained, while holding down the fort until a decision is reached. JM Eagle is associated with the Formosa Plastics Group in Taiwan; there are deep legal pockets here and this case will not be resolved any time soon.

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