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Defective Bike Injurs Cyclist: 722,800 Reasons for Manufacturers to Be More Careful

This San Francisco case involves a cyclist who was badly injured while riding his bike due to the fact that the front fork on the bike broke. The bike rider was 58 years old at the time of this accident; he was part of a group of over 100 cyclists taking part in an event in Simi Valley, when the front fork – which should have been made of durable carbon fiber, snapped in two. He was dumped unceremoniously on the pavement and sustained severe fractures.

After a long stint in the hospital, the man consulted with a personal injury lawyer with experience in product liability cases and filed a lawsuit to recover, among other things, damages to pay his very high medical bills and the cost of his therapy and medications, etc.

In cases like this, in addition to retaining and experienced attorney, a litigant may also be interested to know that he could take advantage of a service called lawsuit funding. This pre-settlement funding service provides the litigant with part of his settlement, before the case is resolved at no risk to the litigant. Why no risk, you ask? Because he is only required to repay the lawsuit cash advance and profit due if he wins the case. Thus, if he qualifies, he can keep his bills current without having to settle his case, to early for too little compensation. Talk about a tension reliever!

Resolving medical expense liabilities, staying current on monthly obligations and keeping a roof over his head while recovering will enable the litigant to patiently wait for a fair settlement or court verdict. They will not be at the mercy of insurance companies who would use financial desperation to diminish value or dismiss his claim.

The ‘lawsuit loan’ applicant does not have to pay money to fill out an application, does not have to pay any upfront fees and does not have any monthly payments to make. The money is his (or hers) when it arrives; while a litigant may use the money as he/she pleases, it is recommended that it be used for important bills and expenses. Strategic advice is a phone call or mouse click away. The call or click is free; the advice is priceless.