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Customer Files Lawsuit against Grocery Store over Slip-and-Fall Injury

Every business and property owner has a responsibility to maintain their premises so visitors are safe from harm. If you sustain a slip and fall injury on premises owned by someone else, you have the legal right to file a lawsuit for damages. Unfortunately, it can be a long wait before a settlement is reached.  Lawsuit funding is designed to help plaintiffs in need of emergency cash to get them through to the litigation process.

A woman claims she slipped, fell, and was subsequently injured due to a slick floor at a New Orleans grocery store.

According to the suit, the incident occurred due to a leaking drink cooler machine. A large puddle formed, and the woman slipped and fell. The defendant is accused of negligence through failing to ensure that the machines were in working order, failing to clean up the water, and failing to warn of the danger.

The plaintiff sees damages for physical and mental pain.

Victims of slip and fall accidents should be ready for the difficulties that may ensue when going up against a large corporation and its insurance company. The time in between filing the case and reaching a settlement can be a financial nightmare, when cash is low, but bills still must be paid. Plaintiffs are often unable to return to work due to injuries. How do they pay bills? Cover medical expenses?  How do they cover basic living expenses?  How do they avoid financial ruin during this already difficult time?

Most injured people don’t know about lawsuit funding, but it is often the perfect solution.

Lawsuit funding is a cash advance that not only helps pay bills and expenses, but also has the added benefit of keeping a case strong. When a plaintiff is pinched for cash, the insurance company will take advantage by denying, defending, and delaying the claim. Then, the low settlement offer comes. When a plaintiff is in a weakened state, the temptation to settle is high.

Lawsuit funding is very different from a typical bank loan. If you have a strong case and attorney representation, you are already eligible for litigation funding. The application process consists of a one-page form and case information from your attorney. A credit check and employment verification is not necessary. If approved for funding, cash can be available in less than 48 hours. If your claim does not result in any compensation, you are under no obligation to repay the cash advance.

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