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Crushed to Death While Sitting in Parked Vehicle

Imaging sitting in your car in a parking lot and suddenly being smashed between two vehicles. Imagine being called to the hospital as your loved one fights for his life after being the victim.

Last November, a man was in the parking lot of his employer when a truck driver apparently mistook the gas pedal for the brake pinning the man between the truck and a rail tanker car. The man died the next day from numerous injuries, including a crushed pelvis.

The victim’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the truck driver and his employer citing that the trucker was inattentive and driving at an excessive speed. They are seeking damages for loss of companionship, funeral expenses, and loss of income. The defendant denies fault in the accident alleging that “The accident was caused solely by an individual or entity other than these defendants, including but not limited to, the business owner of the parking lot, for failing to provide a smooth and level parking lot for the backing of trucks,” court records stated. The case is set for trial in late February.

On the surface, this case appears to be cut and dry but we all know that is not always the case; usually not. There are the obvious and visible details, and then there are those that require questioning, research and further investigations. Where there underlying factors that caused this fatality? Underlying or hidden causes of auto accidents might be construction, dangerous road conditions, poor signage, auto defects, or driver distractions.

Will this case go to trial in February? Time will tell, but typically litigation can take a very long time; sometimes years. Will the insurance company try to settle this case quickly? Remember, the insurance companies are in business to make money. They are greedy and will want to settle quickly for as little as possible.

Seeking justice may place a financial burden on this victim’s family. Even if this case goes to trial in February and the plaintiff wins their case, they may wait a long time to receive compensation. There could even be an appeal. If they are struggling to make ends meet, lawsuit funding could be an option. Lawsuit funding is a cash advance against a potential jury verdict or settlement.

At Lawsuit Financial, we know how devastating the sudden death of a loved one can be, and the emotional and financial impacts it can cause. The goal of the insurance company is to settle quickly and cheaply; not to receive justice. Lawsuit Financial hopes that by assisting with some of the mounting bills and expenses as a result of the lawsuit, the plaintiff can wait for justice to be served. We provide plaintiffs with immediate cash to give them and their attorney time to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement. The plaintiff only pays us back if they win their case. Lose, and they owe us nothing. The application process is quick and easy. Call us today or visit us online to apply or learn more.