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Crushed By Legumes

A Colorado man was crushed to death, buried under 15 – 20 feet of pinto beans. The accident occurred at a Kelly Bean Co. warehouse. It took 50 rescuers about an hour to dig the body from the pile, but they were unable to save the 56-year-old man. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Did the employer fail to provide a safe workplace and working conditions; conditions that posed a risk of serious injury or death? Did the company have up-to-date training and safety procedures in place? When was the last inspection and safety check? Was there a worksite disaster plan in place? If Kelly Bean Co. failed to do so, they may be held liable for this workplace fatality. The family of the deceased may want to contact an experience attorney to determine their rights to seek compensation.

Under the workers’ compensation system, an employee agrees not to sue the employer in exchange for the right to collect workers’ compensation benefits (primarily the payment of medical bills and wages) while recovering from injuries. This is usually a no-fault system; regardless of whether the worker was negligent or not, he/she may collect workers compensation benefits. In trade for this no-fault system, the worker gives up the right to a trial by jury and the right to sue the employer for pain and suffering. But, many people think that the receipt of workers compensation prevents, in all cases, the possibility of a lawsuit for pain and suffering. That is not always the case.

Unfortunately, cases like this tend to take a long time from lawsuit commencement to lawsuit resolution; litigants/family members, struggling to make ends meet after losing a family member and dealing with funeral and burial expenses, may wish to consider applying for lawsuit funding. This is a service that provides a lawsuit cash advance to people involved in pending lawsuits. The main purpose of this legal finance service is to prevent cash-strapped litigants from settling their valuable cases too soon, for too little, because they need cash now. If this family pursues a claim against Kelly Bean Co. and are in need of cash now to pay mounting expenses, it may be worth it to explore the litigation funding option.

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