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Credit Cards Are Risky for Plaintiffs; Lawsuit Funding is Not!

When plaintiffs need to pay the bills before their lawsuit settles, many will look to credit cards as a “quick financial fix.” Unfortunately, this will usually make financial matters worse especially if the victim is out of work. Additionally, most lawsuits will take years to settle; relying on credit cards for that length of time can lead to massive debt. A useful tool to consider is lawsuit funding, a cash advance against the future settlement. Lawsuit funding is a simply, no-risk solution to pay medical bills or other necessary bills that simply can’t wait.

Lawsuit funding allows plaintiffs to use their settlement in advance to pay life’s necessities. With this legal strategy, plaintiffs are able to focus on their case instead of worrying about their financial situation. They also will and feel less pressure to settle too soon, for too little.

A reputable legal finance company offers a fast, online application with a 24 – 48 hour approval process. Funding is approved based on the case merit, not the plaintiff’s financial history or current status. Therefore, credit and employment checks are not required. Another advantage of lawsuit funding is that there are no monthly payments. In fact, repaying the amount funded is only done once the plaintiff receives their settlement. If the plaintiff does not win the case, the funds advanced are completely waived.

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, slip and fall, or other accident due to the negligence of someone else, after retaining an experienced attorney, consider lawsuit funding to help you pay the bills and level the playing field until your attorney has time to seek the compensation you deserve. It’s your money; why not get a portion of it now and save yourself from potential financial disaster?