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Cowboy Stadium Roof Repair Workers Fall 70 Feet

Construction site accidents are quite common and will often cause serious injury or death. This case involves two construction workers who were up on the roof of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium roof doing some work when they fell 70 feet on to a ledge. Despite the long fall, they are both still alive and but suffering from severe injuries. They were doing some maintenance work at 7 a.m. when they fell.

According to the police accident report, there may have been ice on the roof which caused them to slip. Of course, the question is, why weren’t they wearing safety harnesses at the time? Furthermore, were harnesses provided and if so, what condition were they in or were they told not to wear them for this job? Wearing a safety harness is mandated by federal and state guidelines.

One worker suffered a broken leg, potential traumatic brain injury when he lost consciousness and chest injuries. The other worker sustained bad back injuries. It was not easy to get these men off the roof and the EMS crews had to climb a catwalk system inside the stadium to reach the ledge where the two men lay. More than 12 EMS workers used rappelling equipment and ladders to get to the men who had been on the roof for an hour before they could be safely extracted and taken to hospital.

If there was negligence involved here on the part of the employer with regard to the safety harnesses, then both of these employees will need to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney. The worker with potential traumatic brain injury will definitely need legal assistance to file a case and get just compensation for his long-term medical and personal care for the rest of his life.

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