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Couple Sues Hospital and Anesthesia Group for Daughter’s Brain Injury

Thousands of preventable medical mistakes occur every year. Determining whether a medical treatment error could have been prevented requires experienced medical malpractice attorneys. Waiting for a settlement may take years. During this time, there are still medical bills to pay on top of ordinary household expenses. Plaintiffs may quickly run out of cash. This is a time when lawsuit funding can be a powerful tool.

A couple has filed a medical negligence lawsuit against a Sioux Falls hospital and an anesthesia company alleging surgery left their daughter with a severe brain injury.

According to the suit, an ENT doctor recommended a surgery that is done to treat certain airway complications. The child’s airway became obstructed after surgery and she was unable to breathe for about 20 minutes, causing permanent brain damage. On August 11, 2014, she was transferred from Sanford Health to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Nebraska, where she spent the next seven months. The complaint states that the injury left the child with impairments that will leave her “totally dependent on others for care.” She cannot speak and is fed exclusively through a feeding tube. The lawsuit filed against Sanford and Anesthesia Physicians seeks in excess of $75,000. The anesthesia group says it “lacked sufficient information” to completely respond to the claim. Sanford Health has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

Obviously, this family would rather turn back the clock than sue medical professionals. Yet, it is important to seek justice no matter how long it takes.

Going through a lawsuit is certainly not easy. The emotional, mental and physical stress is enough to deal with; the last thing this family needs to worry about is how to keep up with financial obligations. That’s where Lawsuit Financial comes in. We provide lawsuit funding to help plaintiffs withstand the litigation process and still be able to pay the bills. With the bills paid, the family can focus on their daughter’s needs.

Lawsuit funding is a cash advance provided risk-free. This money is not provided against an asset; rather, it is given against the potential settlement of the case. Credit checks and employment verification are not necessary to obtaining a lawsuit cash advance. After completing an online application, one of our professional staff members will contact your attorney for case documentation. Cash can be available in under 48 hours.

Repayment is made only if you win the case. The fee is a certain percentage of the amount of your advance, and both are paid directly from the proceeds of the case. If you lose your case, you are not obligated to repay the money.

If you have fallen prey to medical malpractice, Lawsuit Financial is here to help. We just might have the financial mechanism you need to fight for your rights.