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Cop Tases Kids “For Fun” at School Fair

There are times when one wonders what other people are thinking, and this case certainly fits into the category of “What the heck was the man thinking?” And this was a police officer, who was at a high school career fair and used his Taser on thirty students.

Evidently, the police officer and his young “victims” thought the local school fair would be a great place to get some “hands-on” experience in what it feels like to be tased. These inexperienced children may have asked for it, but an adult police officer should certainly have known better and refrained from actually using the Taser to oblige them. Needless to say the police officer’s lack of foresight put him on unpaid administrative leave.

Apparently, the students were persistent in their urgings to have the officer provide an on-site taser experience; he indulged them, but first had the kids sign a waiver that he quickly created, on the spot. The result of this experiment in “fun”? Two students were burned so severely that they had to be taken to a hospital for evaluation. One female student asked to be shocked seven times. School officials were, apparently, not aware of the taser “experiment”.

The case has gone to the District Attorney’s office for consideration of potential criminal charges; school officials sent letters to parents to alert them of the incident. I am not aware of the extent of any child’s injuries, but if any are serious, there may be potential liability to the police officer, the city, and the school. An experienced personal injury attorney may be required to sort out the situation.

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