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Convenient Store Found Liable for Slip and Fall On Ice

The winter months typically bring some snowfall and freezing temperatures. While such weather makes for poor driving conditions, it also results in slippery sidewalks, parking lots and other walking surfaces. Although some accidents are unavoidable, many can be directly attributed to carelessness on the part of the property owner, such as failure to remove hazards on the property or to warn against known dangers. A poorly maintained surface can lead to a slip-and-fall injury.

A lawsuit brought against a convenience store has reached a settlement agreement according to the plaintiff’s lawyer. The lawsuit stems from a slip and fall accident that occurred in January 2012. As the plaintiff was walking to the convenient store to pay for her gas, she slipped and fell on an accumulated patch of ice. She suffered a fractured hip that required surgery. The lawsuit alleged negligence on the part of the store, which is attached to the gas station. After a two-day jury trial, her attorney was able to prove that the store owner was negligent for allowing the dangerous condition to exist on the property and not warning visitors about the hazard. The woman was awarded $200,000. While the settlement was a victory for the plaintiff, it took over three years to achieve.

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