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Construction Workers Injured When Scaffolding Collapses

Millions of construction workers rely on scaffolding frequently in their line of work. When workers are not properly trained and/or the scaffolding is not erected according to regulations, construction workers are exposed to numerous hazards.

Two men were seriously injured after a scaffolding collapsed while they were working on a hotel project in Dearborn, MI. Both workers were taken to an area hospital in serious but stable condition. The cause of the scaffolding collapse is unknown at this time.

Under the workers’ compensation system, an employee agrees not to sue the employer in exchange for the right to collect workers’ compensation benefits (primarily the payment of medical bills and lost wages) while recovering from injuries. This is usually a no-fault system; regardless of whether the worker was negligent or not, he/she may collect workers compensation benefits. In trade, the worker gives up the right to a trial by jury. Many people also think that the receipt of workers compensation prevents the possibility of a lawsuit for pain and suffering. That is not always the case. Workers’ compensation does not excuse an employer’s gross negligence; it also does not excuse the negligence of a third party. To fully understand whether they are entitled to receive more than workers’ compensation, workers should seek the advice of an experienced attorney. A lawsuit may be the only way to recover financial damages against the wrongdoer.

Because the legal process is complicated and involves many steps, it can sometimes take months, and, in some cases, years, to culminate. When you are seriously injured, need money to help pay medical bills, replace lost wages, etc., Lawsuit Financial can provide a lawsuit cash advance to manage your finances while your case winds through the legal system. The primary objective in lawsuit funding is to remove financial pressure to settle early and cheap. Funding is based solely on case strength so if you are unable to return to work or have poor credit, it doesn’t matter. Additionally, there are no payments until the case settles. The funding transaction is risk free because the advance is not repaid unless the lawsuit settles.

If you or someone you know sustained a serious injury in a scaffolding accident and have concerns about paying the bills, a lawsuit cash advance may be your answer. Contact Lawsuit Financial. We have the most combined legal and lawsuit finance experience than any company in this industry. We have underwritten thousands of these transactions and may be able to provide the help you need, too.

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