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Construction Site Accidents: Philadelphia Lift Accident Demonstrates Need for Lawsuit Funding

An elderly woman, walking to the supermarket, was seriously injured by debris falling from the crash of an aerial lift into the roof of an apartment building in Philadelphia. The woman saw debris coming toward her, lifted her forearm for protection, and the impact of the boom broke her arm and crushed her elbow. She fell to the ground and got pounded with bricks and debris, suffering a fracture of her spine in the process.

Yesterday, Anapol, Schwartz, Weiss, Cohan, Feldman and Smalley, P.C., her retained attorneys, filed notice of suit against those responsible for the October 12, 2009 incident; formal suit filing is expected within 30 days. Besides Rosen, two others were injured and aerial-lift operator, James Wilson, was killed..

According to witnesses, Wilson was repairing loose masonry on a church building. A huge wheel of the lift platform ran over a fiberglass and cement cable TV box that was embedded in the sidewalk. The weight of the lift broke the cover of the box; the lift destabilized and fell, scattering debris. Wilson was killed when the lift crashed into a truck with Wilson still harnessed to the lift seat.

Rosen’s attorneys called her injuries “significant” and “substantial” but declined further comment until doctors examine her and render a prognosis.

This lawsuit will be filed against the construction company and the church under construction. Commercial construction accident cases are hard fought “David vs Goliath” type lawsuits. The innocent victim, in this case, Ms. Rosen, typically retains an attorney on a contingency fee basis, so legal fees and costs do not cause financial hardship. But what about medical and hospital expense? What about rehabilitation expenses? What about wage loss? How does the typical accident victim pay his/her ordinary and extraordinary expenses? How does he/she support a family when there is no money coming in and a mountain of new medical expenses have to be paid?

The answer is construction site accident lawsuit funding from Lawsuit Financial. We will pay your ordinary bills and expenses as well as your accident related extraordinary expenses while you await settlement of your case. There are no interest bills to pay, no credit checks; legal funding is provided only against and on the merits of your construction site accident case. If you win your case, you repay principal and predetermined profit; if you lose your case, repayment is excused and the advance is “free”. Repayment is completely contingent upon case outcome (similar to your lawyer’s contingent attorney fee). For further information about construction site accident lawsuit funding, auto accident lawsuit funding, or any other kind of personal injury lawsuit funding, visit our website at or call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848). And please….be careful out there; you never know what might fall from the sky.

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