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Construction Site Accident Victim May Benefit from Lawsuit Funding

Tragedy struck on April 21, 2011 for a 32-year-old man working at a construction site. The man suffered permanent brain damage when he fell 25 feet from a work platform while applying siding to an apartment building. He also suffered from broken bones and a hip fracture. He is unable to work and will be required to take anti-seizure medicine the rest of his life.

Although workers’ compensation may pay for some of the medical bills and lost earnings, it cannot adequately compensate the injured worker for permanent losses and disability arising from his serious injuries. The victim filed a personal injury lawsuit contending that the construction company failed to provide a safe working environment and that it knowingly subjected employees to dangerous conditions.

His attorney said that the claim could take up to two years to settle. The plaintiff is already struggling to meet his financial obligations. He cannot support his family, and is unable to obtain a bank loan until his case settles. How will he keep his home and provide for his family?
Lawsuit Financial may be able to help. We provide a lawsuit cash advance to financially desperate plaintiffs. Our cash advances are based on the merit of the case only. We require no monthly payments and there are no credit checks or employment verification. Only when the case is settled, does the plaintiff repay the lawsuit cash advance. If the plaintiff does not successfully settle the case, the cash advance is waived in its entirety. It is a no-risk “lawsuit loan.”

Are you the victim of a construction site accident and need immediate cash while waiting for your case to settle? Rather than considering a less-than-favorable settlement offer, contact Lawsuit Financial to learn more about our construction site lawsuit funding options!