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Construction Site Accident Victims May Benefit from Lawsuit Funding

A four-vehicle auto accident left one driver dead and another in critical condition in what is described as a complicated chain of events. A 48-year-old man rear-ended another vehicle pushing it into a ditch. After the driver of the second vehicle got out of his car, he was hit by a third vehicle before a fourth vehicle hit the third car involved in the accident. The driver of the first vehicle died at the scene; the driver of the second vehicle (the pedestrian) is in critical condition. The cause of the fatal accident is still unknown; police said construction crews were not working at the time of the accident.

This accident is a reminder how dangerous our roadways can be especially in construction zones. Tragedies like this also have a financial impact especially with the family’s principal means of support gone. When a serious or fatal accident occurs, the innocent victims may seek compensation for their loss. The litigation process can take years especially if the insurance company is denying, delaying, and defending the claim. During this time, what happens to the victims that may be struggling to pay medical and hospital expense? What about wage loss? What about ordinary household expenses? How does a victim support a family if the sole breadwinner is injured or killed? The answer is construction site accident lawsuit funding from Lawsuit Financial.

Litigation funding
helps plaintiffs in need of immediate cash while waiting for a settlement or verdict. Legal finance services have proven to be a godsend to people who need financial assistance; the lawsuit cash advance can be used for medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, and monthly bills such as mortgage and car payments. There are no monthly payments, no credit checks, and no employment verifications; legal funding is provided only against and on the merits of the construction site accident case. If you win your case, you repay principal and predetermined profit; if you lose your case, repayment is excused and the advance is “free”. Repayment is completely contingent upon the outcome of your case.

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