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Construction Accident, Wrongful Death Earns Large Verdict

The tragedy occurred in Georgia; a pipe insulator who worked on site at a grain processing plant was only 26-years old at the time of his death. He was elevated and harnessed on a 15 foot high scissor lift that was close to a recompression evaporator, filled with hot liquid waste.
While harnessed and hanging near the evaporator, one of the outlets gave way shooting a stream of hot liquid and steam directly at Garcia. He could not disengage from his harness and sustained chemical burns over 90% of his body. He died in hospital the next day.

Garcia’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit on his behalf, and were subsequently awarded $6.7 million. The case took a long time to resolve and this was a man who sent much of his wages to his family, back home in Mexico. How does a dependent family handle its finances after losing its principal means of support to an accident? Well, while waiting for a fair settlement or verdict, the family could have taken advantage of a service referred to as litigation funding to help get by. Lawsuit funding is a quick and easy method to access fast cash that will help a plaintiff pay all his/her necessary bills right away. In addition, applying for a lawsuit cash advance only takes a few minutes and it may be done either online or by calling the legal finance company directly.

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