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Construction Accident Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Families of Victims Could Benefit From Lawsuit Financing?

The families of victims in an April 2, 2008 bridge scaffolding collapse in North Little Rock, Arkansas, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Dallas County. Juan Manuel Flores and Manuel Gonzalez were part of a crew of workers that were installing a water main for the Central Arkansas Water utility. The scaffolding collapsed, sending them and a third man to their deaths. The construction accident lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and medical, funeral and burial expenses.

The lawsuit alleges that Oscar Renda Contracting Inc. of Roanoke, SAC Manufacturing Inc. of Longview and its project supervisor, Charles Jackson were negligent because they knew the work platform was faulty, hazardous and dangerous, and because they failed to determine its load capacity. Clay Miller, attorney for the plaintiffs, said that defendant Jackson had left the work site to obtain some equipment and, when he returned, the scaffold had failed. At a news conference to announce the wrongful death litigation, Miller questioned Jackson’s ability to oversee the work site, indicating that he lacked either training or judgment.

Miller claims that the system’s design was inadequate because a “thin” piece of steel was the only support for a roughly 15,000-pound load that included a 45-foot platform. “A half-inch of metal was all that was between these men and the river.”

OSHA is also investigating, as the the wrongful death lawsuit also claims that both companies violated federal safety standards.

This tragedy seems to be another example of how the implementation of simple and inexpensive workplace safety procedures would save the lives of countless workers. Those who cry for “tort reform” or shout “lawsuit abuse” should think about advocating for workplace safety instead. Corporate profit should never enjoy a priority position over safety; in many workplaces in America and abroad, it absolutely does!

The unfortunate families of the victims of this workplace tragedy seek medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses. They have lost the family member who was principally responsible for their support. Situations like this, if there is no life insurance, savings, or other funding sources, are excellent candidates for lawsuit funding. An experienced lawsuit finance company executive will evaluate the prospects for case success and potential case value and fund an amount that comfortably fits within that value. The primary objective in strategic lawsuit financing is to remove financial pressure to settle early and cheap and to assure that the victims of a tragedy like this receive the compensation they deserve. This is a function of proper underwriting.

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