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Clinic Sued for Medical Negligence in Liposuction Death

The father of a Georgia woman who died in February during liposuction surgery has filed a lawsuit against a cosmetic surgery and full service medical spa and the surgeon who performed the procedure. He is seeking damages for medical malpractice, wrongful death, pain and suffering, professional negligence and funeral expenses. According to the lawsuit, the surgeon:

•Failed to properly asses the woman’s vital signs before the procedure
•Failed to have a nurse present during surgery
•Failed to put her on a cardiac monitor during surgery
•Anesthetized her with a rag soaked with propofol and stuffed it in her mouth, a procedure not recorded in her medical records.
•Pierced her liver during the operation
•Failed to record the time the procedure was completed
The suit also alleges that after surgery, the 37-year-old woman showed signs of a seizure and aspirated on fluid build-up before going into cardiac arrest. By the time 911 was called and the EMT arrived, the woman was in full arrest. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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