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Class Action Lawsuit Over Tips Makes for Good Law Practice Tip

A Boston attorney will seek class action status after a federal jury awarded her clients, 9 American Airlines skycaps, $325,000 in lost tips after the airline instituted a $2 per bag curbside check in fee at Logan International. In another “tip” development, Starbucks Coffee got sued by New York City Barristas in U.S. District Court, for the tip sharing policy that resulted in a $100 Million ruling by a California judge. That ruling is currently being appealed and Starbucks is referring to the NYC lawsuit and others like around the country as “copycat lawsuits”. It vows to vigorously defend the litigation.

Practice Tip: Attorneys should examine whether their clients’ cases are unique to that client or might represent a broader, systemic legal issue effecting other similarly situated potential litigation plaintiffs. By making the client a representative plaintiff in a broader class action, attorneys can turn a small case into a large one, a small fee into an enormous one, provide needed legal assistance to many rather than one, and receive significant publicity to boot. It is certainly something that any attorney should consider. If an attorney is considering pursuing a class action, but lacks legal funding to do it, the attorney should consider a lawsuit advance from Lawsuit Financial. Lawsuit Financing is available for various types of litigation including Auto Accidents, Premises Liability, Products Liability, Medical Malpractice, Construction Accidents, Airplane Crashes, Train Crashes, Dog Bites, Breach of Contract, Maritime Litigation and more. Litigation Funding is an important practice tool if it is used correctly and strategically. Lawsuit Financial offers free advice on the best use of this valuable service for legal professionals and their clients

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