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City Pays $1.8 million in Wrongful Death Motorcycle Accident

A $3,000 traffic signal cost the city of San Diego $1.8 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. The family of a motorcyclist filed a lawsuit against the city after the man was killed in April 2009. The motorcyclist was riding northbound Pacific Highway when a 17-year-old driver of a Toyota Corolla heading the opposite direction turned left on Cedar Street in front of him. The motorcyclist tried to veer out of the way but struck the rear passenger side of the Corolla. He died of traumatic head injuries.

The lawsuit stated that the city failed to make improvements to the dangerous intersection despite the fact that at least a dozen serious accidents have occurred from 2006 – 2009. The City Attorney admitted that the city had been slow in addressing complaints about the dangerous intersection because of budget constraints. Without a left-turn yield sign or turn signal, drivers get the impression that they can turn left once the signal turned green.
The plaintiff’s attorney proved the city was aware that the intersection was dangerous, and that they avoided efforts to make it safe including the installing a $3,000 traffic signal. Three months after this fatal motorcycle accident, the city installed a left- turn signal. Although the city doesn’t acknowledge any wrongdoing, the City Council unanimously approved the settlement.

This motorcycle accident is a perfect example why budgets should not be skimped on especially when safety is important. Accidents occur every year because of highway and road design failures; carelessness and negligence to upgrade and maintain road conditions. Safety doesn’t necessarily have to mean improving a poor design. As in this case, sometimes a road may become safer simply by adding a traffic signal. Now, the city of San Diego will have to pay $1.8 million because it was worried about $3,000 that could have saved a life.

Dangerous roadway lawsuit cases are difficult and expensive, even in cases when the roadway has been the site of previous accidents. The issue in these cases is whether the government failed to fulfill its obligations of making sure a dangerous road is somewhat forgiving of driver error. Successful cases like this one directly force changes in dangerous road conditions that can save lives.

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