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Church Gas Explosion Leaves Couple in Serious Condition

An Idaho couple sustained life-threating injuries when a boiler at church exploded. They were transported to an area hospital where the woman still remains in critical condition.

When first responders arrived after the blast, church members told them that the couple had been performing maintenance in the boiler room when the explosion occurred. Doors were blown off their hinges, ceiling light fixtures fell to the floor and plaster walls in the sanctuary cracked, among other damage. The blast hurled the man out of the boiler room and into an adjacent hallway, where witnesses said they found him calling for help. His wife, who was badly burned, was found under a door outside the church near the exterior doorway to the boiler room. Although there were six other people at the church when the blast happened, none were hurt. The church sustained significant interior damage.

The blast remains under investigation, but it is believed that there was an accumulation of natural gas in the boiler that was somehow ignited when the couple was performing volunteer maintenance work.

A gas explosion can occur as a result of a defective product or human error; from improper venting, defective gas connectors and control valves, leaking pipes, hoses and tanks, faulty installation and negligent installation and maintenance. Liability could fall upon the manufacturer, the gas company, a propane company, an installation or maintenance company, even a landlord.

Determining liability often requires extensive investigation, and depending upon where the fault lies, a number of parties could be held liable. Cases like this take time and incredible amounts of resources to reach a settlement. If the explosion is found to be the result of negligence or wrongdoing of another, the couple may seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. They may also qualify for litigation funding.

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