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Child Molestation Priest Sexual Abuse Lawsuits-Lawsuit Funding Candidates

I have mentioned in previous posts that Lawsuit Financial Corporation is a trial lawyer owned and operated company. As such, the company is uniquely positioned to evaluate cases for legal finance and to compassionately evaluate the lawsuit financing needs of injured and disabled plaintiffs. Our objective is to always try to increase case value by reducing the financial pressure to settle a case early and inexpensively.

No cases in my career as a trial lawyer were more heartwrenching than my handling of Catholic Priest Child Molestation cases in the 1980’s long before the current “Crisis in the Catholic Church”, as it now being reported. The truth is that this is not a recent phenomenom; priest-parishioner abuse has been going on and has been covered up by Church heirarchy for years. “Abuse Conviction: Served As Chaplain at Downers Grove Hospital” tells a small part of the story of abuse by and cover up of the child molestation crimes of Father Gary Berthiaume. The first priest-parishioner molestation case that I handled as a young trial lawyer was in the early 1980’s involving Berthiaume and 6 Michigan teenagers and pre-teens. Significant roadblocks were thrown in front of my pursuit of justice for these children by the local and national diocese and the silk-stocking law firm they retained to defend this predator priest. A conspiracy of silence within the Church existed in defense of these cases to deprive seriously abused children of their basic right to compensation and treatment. I traveled to six different states, uncovering witnesses, abuse victims, and a pattern of abuse and cover-up, before the Diocese finally agreed, first to facilliate, and then, to settle the case. In the end, the defendant tried to pay additional sums for a sealed settlement; my client and I refused, and this published settlement has, since, followed Berthiaume around, everywhere he has traveled for work.

As the article indicates, Berthiaume is a predator, and, it seems, he has not stopped molesting innocent children. His former Pastor, Bishop Joseph Imesch, has traveled to new communities and has repeatedly hired Berthiaume in various positions, exposed to children, without advising the new communities of his past and, seemingly, without regard to the dangers presented. According to a 2007 USA Today article entitled “Vatican Removes 2 Ohio Priests“, Berthiaume, at long last, was defrocked by the Vatican, almost 40 years after his first known sexually abusive conduct.

Consequences of his abusive conduct have been tragic and long-ranged. One of Berthiaume’s victims became an abuser, himself, and was convicted and is serving time for abusing children. The cycle and consequences of abuse is overwhelming to me.

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