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Child Dies From Daycare E Coli Infection

Children are certainly not immune to serious illness; if they go to daycare or school, chances are that they may be exposed to viruses or other bugs. Unfortunately, in this case, someone spread a virulent strain of E. coli around a daycare, leaving one child dead and three others in hospital. The facility has been shut down.

The center in was under investigation related to its hygiene practices; it apparently passed that test, but the virus was, somehow, still spread from child to child. This raises a question about employee hygiene and whether or not center employees were taking proper precautions to prevent the further spread of this dangerous bacterium. It also raises the question about facility protocol when dealing with extremely sick children. There were other questions raised about the practices of the workers in the daycare, whether or not they were properly washing their hands after using the bathroom or changing diapers. The strain of E. coli involved here caused bloody diarrhea, fever, cramps, kidney failure, paralysis and death.

The family of the young boy may wish to file a personal injury wrongful death lawsuit with the focus perhaps being the negligence of daycare workers in attending to personal hygiene. A qualified, experienced personal injury attorney will advise the family what rights they have and what will happen if they choose to file a lawsuit.

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