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Chemical Flash Fire Results in Severe Burns and Jury Verdict For Worker

This unfortunate man was only 39-years old when he was badly burned in a flash fire that was started by chemicals at his place of employment, Houston based K-Solv, a transportation and chemical storage company.

While xylene was being loaded into a tanker under the supervision and control of another company, C&G Hotshot, the highly flammable vapors erupted into flames. The victim was forced to jump 12 feet to escape the inferno; he fractured both his ankles as a result of his leap to safety off the tanker and burns to more than 25% of his body. The burns included second degree to his forearms and back and third degree to his lower legs. The pain he endured and is still enduring is phenomenal. Thus, when he spoke to a personal injury lawyer, he was informed that he might be able to recover compensation for his catastrophic injuries, possibly compensation that would take care of him for the rest of his life.

His medical expenses must be staggering. Medical care will be continuous and painful; injuries this serious are life-altering. How does he deal with his disability, support his family, and pay his bills while waiting for the litigation to resolve in his favor? he pay his bills and still get on with his life? One perfect answer is to apply for pre-settlement funding from a lawsuit funding company.

It only takes a few minutes for the plaintiff to fill out a form online or to call the legal finance company directly and start asking questions about eligibility for what some refer to as a “lawsuit loan”. This is a little known service that offers plaintiffs in dire financial straits fast cash litigation funding to tide them over until they receive a verdict or settlement in their favor. This case, fortunately, resulted in a $6.9 Million verdict. It is not known whether the verdict has been appealed or paid and we wish the plaintiff well in his future pursuits of justice and a return to good health.

Once an applicant has been approved for funding, a check or wire will be provided within 24-48 hours. Plaintiffs are advised to use the money for important bills and expenses, mortgage, rent, car utility payments or accident related medical expenses. This allows plaintiffs to wait out the long, legal process until they receive satisfactory compensation, either by settlement or verdict. Early offers by greedy insurance companies are usually in their own best interest, not in the plaintiffs’. Plaintiffs are advised not to settle too soon for too little compensation. Lawsuit funding allows plaintiffs to follow their attorneys’ advice, decline those low offers, and await trial or appropriate settlement.