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Chain Reaction Vehicle Crash Injures Four People

Chain reaction automobile accidents can be horrendous; this one was no exception. A pickup truck, a sedan and a sports utility vehicle got into a three car pileup on US Route 70 in Tennessee. Responding police determined that the car hit a curb, causing the driver to lose control on the north side of the highway.

While out of control, it hit a Ford Explorer SUV, which caused it to also veer out of control right into the path of oncoming traffic on the south side of the highway. The Dodge pickup smacked head-on into the Ford in the south lane. EMS crews took the injured to local hospitals. Thankfully the victims, that included two young children, received non-life threatening but serious injuries. Responding police were not certain what caused the sedan, which started this chain reaction crash, to go out of control. The investigation called for blood alcohol tests and drug tests on all drivers, the sedan driver, in particular .
Other questions that will arise as a result of this multi-car highway crash relate to whether or not the sedan driver was using a cell phone at the time, texting, listening to an MP3, watching a video, or tying his shoelace while driving. Distracted driving can often be as dangerous as driving under the influence. Answers to those questions will determine the cause of the crash.

The Ford SUV and Dodge pickup drivers will likely consider filing personal injury lawsuits against the sedan driver. In cases like this, it will take a fair amount of time for the matter to get settled in court. In the meantime, there will hospital, surgical and medical bills to pay, expensive medications to purchase, physical therapy and orthopedic appliances; if accident victims are also missing work as the result of their accident, they will get even further behind. Don’t forget, they still have house payments, rent, car payments, utilities and other ordinary expenses to pay, as well. How will they manage all of this and still pursue their lawsuits to just conclusions?

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