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Cerebral Palsy Victim’s Family Earns Jury Verdict

In Cerebral Palsy cases, seconds and minutes make can make all the difference in the world. Eight minutes was more than enough, in this tragic 1998 birth trauma case, to the infant to develop cerebral palsy, one of those “never events” that changed the course of the infant’s life.

This was a tough medical malpractice case and the jury took its time deliberating the issues and the evidence. The family chose to sue the hospital and the doctor, as well as a resident at the medical center where the child was born. The central allegation in the lawsuit was that the infant was born with cerebral palsy because of a delayed C-section. Indeed, medical experts for the plaintiff indicated if the baby had been born eight minutes earlier, he would not have had the condition. The jury agreed with the assessment of the plaintiff’s medical experts and awarded $18.5 million to the family. The tragic child died of Lupus, in 2004.

This was hard fought; it took a long time to resolve and was, most likely, an emotional and financial drain on the family. Lawsuit funding, unfortunately, cannot solve the agonizing emotional issues, but a lawsuit cash advance (or several, if necessary) can substantially lessen the financial issues (which, in a small way, help with the emotional factors, as well). The level and expense of care needed for a special needs child are high; pre-settlement funding is provided in advance of the jury verdict, and, if approved, the plaintiff receives desperately needed lawsuit financing within 24-48 hours of approval

The application process is simple; you can apply by phone or online. Since we are more interested in the quality and expectations of your case than we are in your credit-worthiness or job history, most of the paper work is requested from and provided by your attorney. There is no credit check, no red tape. It is really quite easy to apply for litigation funding.

With legal finance proceeds, the family would have been able to deal with their medical bills and other related expenses, in addition to their important monthly financial obligations. If the family suffered the additional misfortune of losing the case, they keep the money with our blessing. Until the case is resolved, there are no payment obligations and what some call a “lawsuit loan” removes the pressure to settle a valuable case too early for too little. It gives the family the precious time and money it needs to wait out the process for a fair settlement or verdict like the result in this important case.