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Cedar Falls Intersection Accident Takes Life of Elderly Man

A Cedar City, Iowa auto accident involving ten occupants from two vehicles, a family of seven in an SUV and three occupants in a minivan, caused one fatality and injuries to four others. The accident occurred at an intersection when the driver of the minivan attempted to make a left turn in front of the SUV, striking the SUV broadside during the turn. Was the driver of the minivan distracted, trying to beat the light, or speeding? Hopefully, these questions will be answered after a complete investigation by the Cedar City Police Department.

In the meantime, the grief that follows the loss of a loved one can be overwhelming. Even before the grief has subsided, families often find themselves faced with financial hardship as they try to pay the cost of a funeral and try to adjust to life without a loved one. Those injured may be facing physical and financial hardships. Injuries may result in significant medical bills, physical therapy, disability or long-term care, and loss of income. It is imperative that the accident victims and their families contact an experienced auto accident attorney to learn whether they have a right to compensation.

Assuming the victims have a valid case, how do they survive financially through the litigation process when face with mounting medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages, emotional trauma, car repairs, and pain and suffering?

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