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Over a year after an 88-year-old Indiana woman died at a nursing home, her family is still seeking answers in her death. According to the Coroner’s Office, the woman died from failure to thrive due to subdural and subarachnoid hematomas from blunt force trauma. Although the woman’s death was ruled a homicide, family members allege that the nursing home staff was negligent in her safety and well-being.

A lawsuit alleges the nursing home owner’s lied about the woman’s injuries after she was attacked by another nursing home resident. The suit also claims that the facility’s officials failed to tell the family about the fall, which led to an egg-sized hematoma on her head. At first the family accepted her death at “face value”, but when the Indiana State Department of Health launched an investigation, it revealed the woman actually died from injuries after she was assaulted. Rather than disclose this information to the family, the lawsuit alleges that caregivers hid the truth claiming she had a stroke and fell. The family said they did not find out about the real cause of the fall until two days after it happened.

The family said they don’t blame the other resident, but was shocked in the lack of supervision for residents. “No sympathy whatsoever towards the family or anything,” said the victim’s son. “That’s what really grabbed us as being pretty difficult to handle. They didn’t want to act like they did anything, but yet they didn’t want to say sorry or anything.” “If they would have offered to pay the bills, like [my lawyer] said, she had about $30,000 in hospital bills,” he said.