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A 37-year-old Holland, Michigan man has died after a 44-foot pole crashed through the windshield of his 2005 Ford Explorer.

The man was on his way to work at Holland Christian High School when the crash occurred. Investigators said that the driver of a Parkway Electric truck was hauling a 44-foot pole. As he was turning left, the pole swung out into the traffic lane and crashed through the windshield of the SUV, hitting the driver before continuing outside the rear cargo window. The victim was unconscious when crews arrived on scene. He was transported to an area hospital where he died the next day. He leaves behind a wife and three young children,

An investigation is underway including trying to determine if the pole was legal length. A Michigan rule states stating vehicles longer than 40 feet must have a permit from the county road commission and an escort. Investigators said the truck had neither. The violation is a civil infraction, but because the accident resulted in a death, criminal charges may be filed.

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A 36 year old woman involved in an auto accident when her vehicle was struck on the side by the defendant driver who ran a stop sign. After being removed from the vehicle by the “jaws of life”, she underwent surgery for a crushed right knee and a fractured pelvis. She also suffered from extreme pain to her low back, neck, and right shoulder. Although her attorney was able to litigate her case and settle for $825,000, it took nearly four years. Why? The insurance company denied the claim. Then, they offered the woman $350,000 to settle. The insurance company could afford to stall, but this innocent woman could not. She was unable to return to work and the medical bills were mounting. She sought the legal funding services of Lawsuit Financial and was able to pay her outstanding bills within 48 hours.

Lawsuits are expensive; the majority of injured people who make claims do not have significant assets. If the injured person is unable to work, has reduced income, or has expenses associated with care or disability; it may not be possible to wait until the end of the lawsuit before obtaining funds. Lawsuit Financial helps plaintiffs’ level playing field; it prevents injured people from being forced, by financial distress to settle valuable cases too early for too little.

Obtaining a lawsuit cash advance is quick and easy with our online application. Upon receipt, our underwriters will review your case and if approved, funds can be wired into your account for immediate use. Although the lawsuit cash advance is usually to pay for immediate living expenses and medical bills, it can be used as you wish. There are no credit checks, employment verification, or hassles. Repayment is made once the case is settled. Best of all, you pay NOTHING if your case is lost.

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Plaintiffs waiting for their pending lawsuits to settle may wait months, even years for the case to make its way through the courts. During that time, bills can pile up, especially if the plaintiff has suffered serious injuries, faces costly medical bills, and is unable to work. Often times, the legal battle between plaintiffs and defendants is like a clash between David vs. Goliath because plaintiffs are fighting deep-pocket businesses and insurance companies. Even if the plaintiff has a strong case, legal tactics and delays can draw out the litigation process. With the bills piling up, it may seem easy to tell you attorney to just settle, but Lawsuit Financial has a more favorable solution.

Lawsuit Financial provides lawsuit funding to help pay the bills so the plaintiff is not forced to settle for less than case value. Our simple three-step process can make the difference in a plaintiff’s financial situation.

Step 1: Complete a one-page application.

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A Florida family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against an in-home day care after a four-year-old child was left in a hot car for over two hours. The suit also alleges that the owner was conducting business in an overcrowded facility.

On August 1, the daycare owner instructed her 18-year-old daughter to remove seven children from the home because it was possible that state investigators would be visiting and she had previously been cited for being over-capacity. The teen drove the children across town to an apartment complex. She took six of the children inside, but left the four-year-old sleeping in the SUV. Paramedics attempted to revive the child before taking him to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.

An obvious devastation, the family is wondering how it will pay for a funeral that never should have happened. No amount of money will ever replace the loss of a loved one, especially a young child who will never attend school, play sports, get married, raise a family, and grow old. Lawsuit funding can, however, help families through the most difficult times.

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There were 40 students and 10 adults on a school bus; a fire broke out as the bus was traveling on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles, California. Police were on the scene instantly and helped evacuate the bus while fire crews arrived to handle the blaze. The fire was extinguished in 11 minutes.

Investigators are not sure what caused the fire to break out suddenly, the vehicle maintenance log and safety history will be examined. Two students were taken to hospital and listed in serious but stable condition, suffering from smoke inhalation.

Smoke inhalation may cause some serious physical problems, especially in younger adults; intense smoke and flame can literally burn the lungs. If this becomes an ongoing and expensive medical issue, it is appropriate for the families to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in fire and explosion cases.

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A young man was driving his Pontiac along the road when he decided to pass a car in front of him. When he veered into the oncoming lane of traffic to pass the car in front of him, he lost control of his vehicle and couldn’t return to his own lane in time. The ensuing head-on automobile accident was devastating.

According to police reports, the young man and his passenger were up all night at a concert; they decided to hit the road when the concert activities ended. Police suspect alcohol and speeding were factors in this crash. Driver and passenger were taken to hospital for serious head and chest injuries. The driver of the other car also was transported to the hospital; he was treated and released the same day. Charges were pending against the negligent driver.

Our young Pontiac driver may face more than criminal charges; a civil lawsuit may be in his future. While his passenger may have been a friend or relative, that passenger relied on him to drive safely. That didn’t happen in this case and the passenger sustained some life-changing serious injuries. If he has traumatic brain injury, he will have enormous medical expenses for the rest of his life. Chances are that he will retain an automobile accident attorney and file a personal injury lawsuit.

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A fire broke out at an apartment building in Kansas City; by the time the fire department arrived, the building was fully engulfed and visible for miles. Two adults and two children were pulled out of the building suffering from smoke inhalation. The youngest child was rushed to hospital in critical condition but died while at the hospital. The adults and other child were also taken for medical treatment for serious injuries.

It appears the fire was ignited in an apartment at the north end of the building, but the cause of the fire is not yet known. There is speculation it may have been set or the result of a careless smoker. Other concerns raised were why the fire spread so fast and no one knew about it until too late. Were the smoke detectors not working? Was fire gear stored in the hallways not operable? Was the building up to fire code?

Premises liability is an issue here for the owner of the building; it may not have been safe for the residents. If there were violations of fire code regulations, or a failure to provide proper safety equipment or adequate ingress or egress, this would be negligence. The surviving victims will want to speak to a personal injury lawyer who specializes in fire and explosion cases.

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This was one of those preventable accidents; because a Chevy truck driver blew a stop sign, two are dead and several others are badly injured.

The Chevy truck driver was heading southbound on a street parallel to the highway when he breezed through a stop sign and collided with a 1996 GMC truck, heading east. The Chevy continued on through the intersection, hit an SUV, a Harley Davidson with two riders and a 2006 Chev coupe. The Chevy truck driver and one passenger were injured and taken to hospital; two other passengers were ejected from the truck during the crash and were pronounced dead at the scene.

Running a stop sign is, clearly, negligence; the driver should be held accountable for the accident. The families of those killed in the crash will likely pursue wrongful death lawsuits; those seriously injured may pursue personal injury litigation. All victims would be wise to consult with experienced personal injury/wrongful death attorneys.

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On their way to a call, fully decked out with lights and siren blazing, two Los Angeles police officers were suddenly cut off by a red car. The squad car driver swerved to avoid an automobile accident and in doing so, hit a curb, which catapulted them into the air, sent the car through a brick wall and into an iron fence. The car finally came to rest on top of two parked cars in a shopping center lot.

While there were no people in the parked cars, the two officers weren’t in great shape when the dust settled and were taken to hospital for treatment. It appears their injuries may have been relatively minor for such a serious collision, but, even minor injuries have a way of developing into something far more serious. For instance, neck injuries may develop into severe whiplash, disk herniations, or fractures; a bruised side may become a cracked or broken rib(s) and a stiff back could mean serious lumbar disk or spinal cord injuries that take awhile to manifest themselves.

Either of the officers involved in this wreck may want to talk to an auto accident attorney about filing a civil lawsuit against the driver of the red car for negligently cutting them off and causing this accident. If their injuries do turn out to be worse than first thought, the lawsuit could ask for damages for their injuries and payment for their medical bills, therapy, time lost from work, etc.

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This horrendous automobile accident took place in Utah; a FedEX semi truck was heading westbound on 1-80 hauling a trailer when the driver crossed into the eastbound lane, smashing head-on into a Ford Fusion. The 74 year old Fusion driver was killed on impact and EMS crews pronounced him dead at the scene.

The police report does not explain why the FedEX truck veered into the eastbound lane; a full probe into the accident details will be launched. The driver of the semi and his passenger sustained minor injuries and were taken to hospital for treatment. The highway was shut down for several hours to clear the accident scene.

The family of the deceased should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss their litigation options and rights in this case. There are some unanswered questions to be dealt with, not the least of which is why the semi driver was in the eastbound lane. What was the driver doing just prior to the collision? Texting, using a dashboard device, talking on the phone, reaching for a map or driving while distracted or under the influence? The investigation will have those answers in due course.