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Cash Now, Settlement Later With Litigation Funding

A plaintiff in a medical malpractice lawsuit may require additional medical treatment, face with life-long disabilities, require round-the-clock care, and/or be unable to work. The lawsuit could take years to resolve at which time the plaintiff may struggle to pay not only medical bills, but also monthly expenses. Times like this are when a plaintiff may be interested in litigation funding.

Olean General Hospital and three insulin pen manufacturers have been named in medical malpractice lawsuits filed by former diabetic patients of Olean General. The patients allege that hospital negligence exposed them to blood borne diseases after receiving insulin through an insulin pen. They have now tested positive for Hepatitis.

Last month, the hospital announced there was a possibility that insulin pens were re-used on different patients between November 2009 and mid-January 2013. Although close to 600 people have been tested for HIV and hepatitis B and C to date, hospital officials said there is “no evidence that anyone at the hospital received contamination through an insulin pen.”

How many more cases may surface? No patient should be exposed to life-threatening diseases due to the negligence of improper procedures; these incidents were entirely preventable. Pursuing justice for medical malpractice victims is not just about compensation; lawsuits help promote safer and better health care. Unfortunately, the litigation process can be a long, drawn out process. Mounting medical expenses and loss of income from an inability to return to work can force many victims into financial hardship and bankruptcy.

Litigation funding is a financing option for those seeking damages related to medical malpractice. It is a cash advance ahead of the actual expected settlement or court verdict. Simply complete our free, online application or call our office. There is no credit check or employment verification, and there are no monthly payments. If we approve your request, we could have your funds in as little as 24 hours. The process is really that simple.

Litigation funding is a lifesaver if you are facing months or years waiting for a valuable lawsuit to settle or go to trial, and trying to pay your bills with no visible source of income. If you think you have no alternative but to file bankruptcy, then consider litigation funding. And, because funding is provided on a non-recourse basis, if you lose your case, you have no obligation to pay us back.

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