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Case Study: Pre-Settlement Funding for a Slip and Fall Accident

Someone stumbles over a crack in the road, slips on a wet floor, of trips over an object. While many will get up, dust off, and continue on, others may suffer serious injury as a result of the fall. Contacting an experienced slip and fall attorney will help a victim understand his/her rights to compensation for damages incurred. Although the victim may have a valid claim, pursuing justice can take months, even years. How does an injured victim make ends meet while waiting for his/her attorney to resolve the case for its full value? How does the plaintiff pay necessary bills and expenses, plus the added medical and other expenses related to the injury? Let’s review a case study.

A woman was walking into a drugstore slipped on ice underneath an un-shoveled walkway. She bumped her head and landed on her hip.

The injured woman was diagnosed with a mild concussion and fractured hip. She continues to suffer severe headaches and loss of memory; walking, even with a cane is painful.

Seeking Compensation
The woman contacted an experienced attorney and filed a personal injury lawsuit alleging the drugstore failed to properly clear the walkway after a recent snow and ice storm.

Financial Strains
Injuries left the woman unable to return to work and her savings were depleting quickly. Faced with foreclosure and a second surgery, she asked her attorney to settle the case at all cost. He explained that a quick settlement was not in her best interest, and referred her to Lawsuit Financial for a lawsuit cash advance.

Favorable Outcome
With the help of pre-settlement funding from Lawsuit Financial, the woman was able to have the additional surgery she needed, and her case ultimately settled for $625,000.

If you are the victim of a slip and fall accident and experiencing financial problems while waiting for your lawsuit to settle, don’t allow defendants to use 3D tactics – deny, delay, and defend – as a means of discouraging you from pursuing compensation. Learn about our pre-settlement funding services might help you.