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Car Trouble may have Resulted in Fatal Accident

A night out with friends ended tragically for one University of Massachusetts graduate student. In route to pick up a friend for a party, the college student called a male friend stating she was having car trouble and could he look on his computer for an auto shop in the area. First, she said her car would not start, but later said it was “stuck.” Additionally, he found it unusual where the woman had broken down; it was no where near where she lived or was heading. When she called him a second time, the woman said that some people helped her and everything was fine. Roughly 15 minutes later, the young woman veered off the road and struck a telephone pole before the vehicle caught on fire. The fiery fire made it impossible to positively identify the woman, but an officer who arrived first at the scene said the vehicle was a Volvo station wagon. Proper identification is forthcoming.

The cause of the accident remains under investigation. Was there a defective vehicle part? Did the woman ignore a recall or ignore routine maintenance that made the vehicle dangerous to drive? Was she driving reckless and speeding or texting? These questions and more will take time to answer. What is known is that police received a report of a loud explosion in the area. The male friend said he drove the car the previous day and had no problems, but the check engine light was on. Additionally, the victim’s mother said her daughter had previous trouble with the vehicle; it was damaged when a tree fell on it during an October snowstorm and it had broken down in late November.

The victim’s family may have the right to seek compensation if it is determined that the accident resulted from a defective part or the negligence of an auto mechanic who previously repaired or maintained the vehicle. An auto accident attorney can ensure that the family’s rights are protected, help determine who may be at fault, and decide the best course of action in recovering the maximum compensation. If after consulting with an attorney, the families file auto accident lawsuit, they should expect to face a long litigation process.

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