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Car Crash Victim Requires Around the Clock Care: Is Awarded $49 Million

This college student was only 21-years old; he was on his way to a camping trip when two trucks collided and one careened into the car he was riding in. As a result of this tragic automobile accident, this young man sustained traumatic brain injuries. His $49,000,000 jury award was considered to be the largest single-plaintiff award in California in the last ten years; the size of the verdict surprised almost no one, as the young man now requires around the clock medical care.

The jury awarded $3.4 million in past medical expenses, $27.6 million in future medical expenses, $4.5 million for future lost wages and $13.5 million in general damages. The defendants in this case were deemed to be jointly and severally liable for special damages and severally liable for general damages. Trucker number one was deemed as being 60% at fault. Trucker number two was 35% at fault and the state of California was cited as being 5% at fault.

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