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Can I Afford My Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit?

As more and more of elderly loved ones enter nursing homes, unfortunately more and more will become victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. This negligence often times leaves physical or emotional pain and/or personal or financial ruin. You and/or your loved ones deserve justice. Unfortunately, many families do not have the financial strength to pursue a lawsuit alone. That is where lawsuit funding can help.

Two residents have filed a lawsuit against a Ormond Beach, Florida nursing home alleging negligence. The lawsuits states the nursing home failed to provide adequate care needed. Consequently, both residents have endured substantial injuries.

The first lawsuit claims that staff members of the nursing home neglected the female resident on several different occasions. In one instance, they failed to protect her from a nasty fall, and on another, they failed to monitor her properly when she showed symptoms of an infection. Furthermore, the victim claims they also failed to respond and provide treatment for malnourishment. The second lawsuit, filed by a former resident of the facility, states that the nursing home failed to take care of her properly, which led to malnutrition, infections, and skin lesions. Both victims claim they now suffer from disfigurements and a host of other medical problems as a result of staff negligence.

If you or your loved one has been a victim to nursing home abuse and/or neglect, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. An experienced attorney can help determine your rights and achieve just compensation. If you need help locating an attorney in your area, Lawsuit Financial would be happy to provide a recommendation from our nationwide database; this service is free, with no-obligations. Once you have filed a lawsuit, if you are struggling to pay the medical expenses and meet other financial obligations, we may be able to help with a non-recourse lawsuit cash advance.

Unlike with a bank loan, with lawsuit funding there are no credit checks, employment verification, or monthly payments. You simply need legal representation and a strong case. Additionally, a lawsuit cash advance is not repaid unless you win or settle your case.

At Lawsuit Financial, we have over 15 years’ experience helping cash-strapped plaintiffs obtain lawsuit funding in as little as 24 hours. We invite you to completer our online contact form for a free, no-obligation consultation or give us a call to determine if we can help you.