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Can a “Lawsuit Loan” Really Help Me?

More and more plaintiffs are considering a “lawsuit loan” to help pay immediate bills and extend their lawsuit, so a higher settlement might be achieved.

First, let’s clarify; the correct term is lawsuit funding or litigation funding, and it is cash advance against a pending term. Once a plaintiff files a lawsuit, it can take months, even years, for the case to wind through the legal system. During this time, most plaintiffs can’t afford to wait without feeling some financial stress. When considering their options, plaintiffs should know and understand lawsuit funding at its benefits.

When a case drags on, a plaintiff may not have enough money to pay the bills. This is especially true if the person is unable to work, has limited income, or has ongoing medical expenses, all of which can make it impossible to exist financially while waiting for a lawsuit to come to an end. This growing financial burden makes considering a lawsuit funding a viable option for plaintiffs.

Lawsuit funding not only keeps plaintiffs financial stable, but it gives the plaintiffs’ attorney time to fight for justice. Unlike a bank loan, a lawsuit cash advance is provided purely on the strength of the case. There are no monthly payments and no repayment unless the plaintiff wins the case; funds provided are only paid back once the case successfully settles. Funding is provided on a risk-free basis meaning plaintiffs won’t owe a single penny if they lose their case.

Lawsuit funding can be a very powerful and helpful tool for plaintiffs seeking the highest possible settlement they deserve. If you are a plaintiff in a pending case and money is running low, you may wish to consider a lawsuit cash advance. Lawsuit Financial provides funding to a wide variety of cases, including medical malpractice, personal injury, slip and fall, and wrongful death, to name a few. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation or to apply. We are happy to help you bridge the gap from your injury/accident to case settlement.