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Buzzing on School Bus Causes A Three-Bus Chain Reaction Accident

More than thirty students were injured in a chain reaction accident involving three school buses. The buses were transporting 113 middle school students on a field trip the morning of the accident. Investigators said the driver of the third bus became distracted by a buzzing sound. As he slowed to a stoplight, the driver looked down to check for the cause of the buzzing. He looked up as he hit the school bus in front of him, which then hit the first bus. EMS crews transported 35 students to area hospitals for evaluation and treatment of minor injuries. One student was taken to a local trauma center as a precaution. One student said he was thrown into the air and over seats, but was not seriously injured.

The initial investigation appears to be driver distraction, but was he also following too closely? Although there are no signs of driver impairment or speeding, the bus driver who caused the wreck will undergo an alcohol and drug test as part of the school system’s investigation into the crash. Additionally, the bus will be inspected to see if any equipment malfunctioned; buses have buzzer systems to alert for malfunctioning equipment.

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