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Butler Industries Worker Dies In Bin Accident

A 49-year-old Fargo man died after becoming pinned under a large metal bin while working at Butler Industries, a manufacturing and distributing company of agricultural equipment. He died in the hospital two days later from a traumatic brain injury.

The metal bin, similar to a commercial dumpster, was being loaded onto a truck when it slipped and landed on the man. An Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigation is underway, but may takes months to determine what caused this fatality. Whatever the determining cause – negligence, defective parts, etc., it will be imperative to put the proper measures in place so it does not happen again.

Whether or not this becomes a workers compensation case, a wrongful death case, or both, litigation is a foregone conclusion. An insurance company will represent the employer in a workers compensation lawsuit, or, if an alternate contractor was negligent, the contractor in a wrongful death lawsuit. This case may take months, if not years to resolve. Investigations must be conducted and the court dockets are crowded; it may easily take awhile for a case to wind its way through the legal process.

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