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Bus Accident Results in $27.5 Million Award for Amputated Leg

A Manhattan jury has awarded a New York woman $27.5 Million for leg injuries, resulting in amputation, caused when her leg was run over by a New York City Transit bus. The 45 year old woman has worn a prosthesis since the accident. The lawyer, whose terrific work got her this enormous verdict, is Ben Rubinowitz. Mr. Rubinowitz said that his client now feels “vindicated”. “The transit authority went after her, calling her a liar. The problem that she has, it’s a lifelong injury, and whenever she looks down, she’ll have a constant reminder.”

So true. This is often the method used by insurance companies and corporate America after an accident caused by their negligence. “Blame the victim” is the name of the game. Another method or strategy often employed when a huge verdict is announced is to ask the judge to reduce it on the basis that it is excessive. In this case, the judge, rightfully in my opinion, disagreed. The Metropolitan Transit Authority will appeal the verdict. Wallace Gossett, an attorney for for the Authority, who did not try the case, said “This is just a jury verdict… the appellate courts won’t sustain a verdict of this magnitude.” Hmm….we’ll see.

Bus Accidents are nothing new for New York City Transit. In recent months, juries have awarded three other plaintiffs a total of $11 million for their injuries; the agency is appealing all of them. In this era of corporate greed and corporate failure to accept responsibility for negligence and intentional conduct, it is not surprising that the Authority would appeal. Hopefully, sensible appellate judges will tell the authority what it needs to hear: Offer comprehensive training to your drivers; enroll them in pedestrian awareness education programs. Terminate repeat offenders. Constantly check driving records. Offer fair compensation to the victims; in my experience, the reason a case goes to trial is because a reasonable offer to avoid trial has not been made by the defense. Historically, it is the defense that chooses trial, not the plaintiff. The Metropolitan Transit Authority needs to re-think its policy toward settlement in these cases.

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