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Bus Accident Leaves Teen Fighting for his Life While Mom Fights for his Rights

When a bus accident causes serious injuries or death, the victims may be eligible for compensation. Even in cases where fault is obvious, a lawsuit can take a long time to settle. If this happens and the victim is struggling to pay the bills, bus accident lawsuit funding may be a solution.

Students and chaperones were returning from a field trip when the bus in which they were passengers struck an overpass on a major roadway to the Massachusetts Turnpike. The roof of the bus caved in injuring more than 30 people. The cause of the accident appears to be driver negligence; apparently the driver was looking at his GPS and missed the height limit warning signs before the overpass.

A 16-year-old student was critically injured and is still on a ventilator. He is unable to speak and can’t move his legs. He has already undergone surgery to insert a tracheotomy tube. His mother has filed a lawsuit against the driver of the buss and his employer alleging that the driver’s negligence caused her son to suffer serious injuries including a shattered vertebra, numerous vertebrae fractures and bone fragments in his spinal canal, and other medical conditions. The likelihood that the teen will be permanently disabled is highly probable. Crash reconstruction experts have not completed the investigation and are refusing the plaintiff’s attorney access to the bus halting steps to gather evidence to build a case.

In the meantime, the teen will be in the hospital for an unknown length of time. Even after released, he will have a long road of rehabilitation. The medical expenses alone could be more than this mother can bear.

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