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Brighten Your Financial Future with Litigation Funding

Over the last several years, an increasingly popular service has given many plaintiffs hope to continue fighting for justice. It’s call litigation funding! The purpose of this type of funding is to provide much needed cash, now, so plaintiffs can wait out the lengthy litigation process for a full and fair settlement. However, not all litigation funding companies are created equal.

Lawsuit Financial has the most combined legal and legal funding experience in the industry! Unlike other litigation funding companies, there are no middlemen so our application and approval process is quick and easy. We strive to keep the client’s best interest in mind, focus on making a difference in his/her financial future, and customize funding to meet specific needs. We never want to see a plaintiff forced into a quick payout because of the lack of finances necessary to fight for a fair settlement. Lawsuit Financial also provides an industry exclusive service offering an array of financial solutions such as budgeting tips and how to lower utility costs. These additional services are free to our clients.

We offer one of the quickest approval times in the industry; we can often approve your case advance for funding in less than 24 hours from the receipt of case materials. Our funding assessment is made without the need for a credit check, income verification, or upfront fees because we only care about the strength of the case. Once approved, the money can be used to pay the mortgage, car payments, or everyday expenses. There are no restrictions on how our clients use the money. When the plaintiff settles the case, we are repaid from the proceeds. If the plaintiff comes away empty-handed, there is no repayment obligation.

If you’re facing a financial crisis and looking for a brighter financial future during your pending claim and beyond, consider the many advantages of legal funding with Lawsuit Financial. Complete our online application and we will do the rest. Brighter days could be as soon as tomorrow.

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