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Brick Veneer Collapses; Three People Injured

In downtown Seattle, WA, three people were injured when a brick veneer fa├žade collapsed. The 30-foot wide brick section peeled off the side of the building and hit a restaurant sign as it fell. Three people, under the sign at the time, were hit and seriously injured by falling bricks and other debris as it crashed downwards. EMS crews took the three victims to the nearest hospital. One man may have sustained traumatic brain injury and was admitted to the intensive care unit. One female sustained a bad leg injury and another man suffered a back injury.

City building inspectors toured the accident scene; it is not known if the veneer collapsed due to weather conditions, negligent maintenance, or if the product (the veneer) was faulty. When those questions are answered, the victims will, most likely, file personal injury lawsuits. Certainly, the wise course would be to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney and find out about product liability cases and/or negligent maintenance. If negligence was involved in this case, the party or parties responsible may be held liable for damages.

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