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Boston Tunnel Collapse Has Tragic Results: Wrongful Death Lawsuit Results in a Measure of Justice

Thankfully, the occurrence that resulted in this wrongful death lawsuit and verdict is not something we see every day. The family of a young female driver was awarded $28 million as a result of her being crushed to death in her car when the Big Dig tunnel in Boston collapsed as she and her husband drove through it. Her husband escaped with minor injuries. In addition to her husband, she leaves behind two minor children.

The accident happened at a tunnel project site that was plagued with major problems right from the start. Faulty construction is the cause of most of these accidents, and the case was no exception. The $15 billion dollar project was billed as one of the biggest and most expensive highway projects in the US. When the tunnel collapsed, 26 tons of concrete collapsed on the plaintiff’s, primarily because the wrong type epoxy was used during construction, and because the site was poorly supervised.

The deceased woman’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit citing negligence in the construction of the tunnel. It was a long, hard fight for justice. Maybe they took advantage of a valuable litigation service that provides cash-strapped victims with needed financial help before they resolve their cases. Maybe they received lawsuit funding from an experience and caring provider of this valuable pre-settlement funding tool. This unfortunate widower with too small children to care for could have also approached a litigation funding company for a lawsuit cash advance to help pay for funeral and child care expenses, while awaiting justice from the court or the jury.

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