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Boating Accidents Can Be Deadly

Boating accidents can be deadly, and in this one, the Coast Guard was sued for negligence and the wrongful death of an eight year old. This death took place in San Diego in December, 2009, prompting the parents to file a wrongful death and negligence lawsuit in January 2010 for the death of their son. There were thirteen people representing three families on board a 24-foot Sea Ray when they were broadsided by a much larger Coast Guard cruiser (33 foot). It was supposedly speeding when it hit the other boat.

Although the young boy was alive when he was subsequently pulled from the water, and hung on until he reached the hospital, he was pronounced dead about an hour after he was admitted. The cause of his death was listed as blunt force trauma.

The lawsuit alleges the Coast Guard administration knew the boat’s crew was less than adequately trained and supervised. This was known due to prior incidents involving this boat and crew. Eyewitness reports indicated that the Coast Guard boat was not in the midst of a rescue mission when they crashed into the smaller boat in the bay area. Instead, reports indicate that it was just messing around in the water cluttered with kayaks and other boats getting lined up for the parade. Evidently, the investigation into this incident revealed that the Coast Guard ship was estimated to have been traveling between 35 to 46 mph when the fatal collision took place. This is one of the crucial factors that will play a part in the outcome of the case.

The parents of this youngster are facing a very difficult and trying time ahead of them. They need to still be able to handle their day-to-day events and keep on paying their bills as they come in. It isn’t an easy time for them and they will be distracted and worried about where the money will come from to pay for their expenses. In cases such as this, the parents may want to check out the possibilities of accessing litigation funding, so they will be able to pay their financial obligations while awaiting a just outcome in the litigation. A lawsuit cash advance would likely be a welcome island of hope; something that the family can count on until they either reach a settlement or a verdict is handed down. Lawsuit funding is not hard to arrange, and may often be available within 48 hours.