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Bizarre Single Vehicle Accident Caused Massive Traffic Jam

When we think of distracted drivers, the first thought is typically teenagers who can’t separate themselves from their cell phones. But, teen drivers are not the only perpetrators and cell phones are not the only distractions.

Officials said a seven hour traffic back-up on I 270 was spurred by someone shooting off fireworks inside an SUV. But, that was not the only distraction. The 43-year-old driver was allegedly driving under the influence of prescription drugs at the time. She and her two teenage sons suffered serious injuries in the accident.

The Missouri Highway Patrol believes the driver became distracted and lost control after someone in the vehicle lit firecrackers and bottle rockets. The car went off the right side of the road, hitting a guardrail and two road signs. The inside of the vehicle went up in flames. Investigators aren’t sure how or why the fireworks went off, but luckily, a bottle of lighter fluid in the glove box did not ignite.

The Highway Patrol said that it is not uncommon to receive calls of people shooting fireworks outside their vehicles. Whether that was the issue in this case is still unknown. What goes without saying is how dangerous this activity can be for yourself, and others.

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