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Birth Trauma Nets $22 Million: Here’s the Bad News

Amidst the phony cries of ‘lawsuit abuse’ and ‘frivolous’ lawsuits, a tragic family received the ‘good news’ that they have won a $22 million settlement. However, with every large verdict, there was, initially, terribly ‘bad news’. In this case, he bad news is that their daughter, severely injured at birth, is a spastic quadriplegic with mild retardation. She needs around the clock care for the rest of her life for her severe and permanent injuries and the money will help pay her medical costs etc., and help prevent the taxpayer from supporting her. That is what serious lawsuits do; they make doctors, hospitals and insurance companies responsible for the mistakes they make or the risk they assume. If they are not found responsible, in our form of government, the taxpayer must assume the burden if the family cannot afford support.

This trial took five weeks; the jurors concluded that the doctor and her professional practice were negligent in delivering Cassie Grow. The mother, Heather Grow, was told that her pelvic arch was too narrow to deliver a nine pound baby. There was no way a baby that large would fit through the birth canal. Not unexpectedly, the child got stuck. Instead of doing an emergency C-section, the doctor kept giving the mother drugs to contract her uterus in order to push the baby through the canal. What happened instead is that the contractions caused brain damage to the baby.

Everything that happened the day Cassie was born was in direct contravention of the standard of care in delivering a large baby to a woman with a narrow pelvic arch. Obviously, a child born with severe brain damage incurs astronomical medical bills resulting from her injury. Attention paid to care for the child often results in problems paying other, regular bills and expenses. And the bills just keep coming and increasing as the child gets older. Where does the family find extra money to pay for special equipment, medications and therapy for their child? This is why lawsuits are so important; they are not filed for frivolous reasons, they are filed for serious situations like this one. Compensation for a tragic medical mistake such as this one must be sufficient to provide lifetime support to a severely restricted child. That is why this verdict is so large; it is not because the system is broken like the tort reformers would like you to believe.

But what does a family like the Grow’s do to support Cassie’s needs while they wait months or years for their case to resolve. The period between filing a case and resolving a case is lengthy and financially devastating. The attorney is handling the case on a contingency; that certainly helps. But how do the regular bills get paid and how does the family support the new, huge burden of paying to treat and support a brain damaged child?

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