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Bike Safety: Wear Your Helmets!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says, unequivocally, that wearing a helmet, while riding a bicycle, is the most effective way to avoid accidental head injuries and deaths. Despite this obvious disclosure, a recent poll found that 82 percent of Americans admitted that while they felt it was important to wear a helmet while bicycling, only 44 percent stated that they would actually wear one. This amazing, irrational, inconsistency coupled with an increased popularity in bicycling as a sport, form of recreation, or cheaper transportation has lead to a sharp increase in bicycle related accidents and injuries.

It should come as no surprise that non-helmeted bicyclists are 14 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than helmeted ones. The vast majority of these deaths have resulted from brain injuries; a high percentage of these would have been (and will be in the future) prevented by the use and proper fitting of a bicycle helmet. How high a percentage, you ask? Estimates are as high as 88 percent. A ten buck purchase from your local bike store or favorite could save your life or, at least, thousands in unnecessary medical and hospital bills, yet Americans, young and old, mature or immature, with common sense or no common sense, are not wearing their helmets. Why? Bicycling is a dangerous activity, especially in the street, where the bicyclist is no match for a powerful automobile. Even wearing a helmet or following all of the traffic rules will not prevent all motor vehicle related bike accidents. The risk of more serious injury increases with age, so to, should common sense; why do so many tempt fate?

Almost 5% of all U.S. emergency room visits are bicycle accident related; simple cuts scrapes and bruises are the most typical injuries, fractures, hematomas, and the like are all too common as are traumas to the head, face and teeth. When death is reported, the accident almost always involves an automobile. Lawsuit Financial implores all of those reading this post. Think SAFETY FIRST! A helmet and your skull are only slight barriers between your brain and the concrete or vehicle you strike it on. Following traffic rules is also a vital, common sense tool for injury avoidance. Wear reflective, bright clothing, light up your bicycle, purchase and use a bicycle horn, warning automobile traffic of your presence, purchase and use mirrors and always signal your intentions. Caution will often prevent accidents; use, or lose, your common sense when riding your bicycle. While Lawsuit Financial can provide assistance in finding you an attorney in all 50 states, or provide you with vital lawsuit funding in making ends meet if you or someone you rely upon is injured or killed in a bicycle accident, we prefer that you follow our advice and stay healthy and injury free. America: Ride carefully and wear your helmets!