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Bigger Isn’t Always Better!

We have all heard the saying that bigger isn’t always better, and this is especially true in business. Big corporations can be seriously lacking in areas like customer service and communications with clients compared to their smaller company counterparts. The litigation funding industry is no different.

In the legal finance industry, there is a long list of funding companies, of various size. Lawsuit Financial is on the smaller side, but we are big when it comes to experience and customer service. Our company is attorney-owned and operated. Mark M. Bello, our C.E.O. has over 37 years’ experience as a trial lawyer and sixteen years as a leading expert in the lawsuit funding industry. Customer service is a top priority. We all know how frustrating it can be when calling a large corporation and being bounced around from person-to-person or dealing with a different person that is unfamiliar with the issue resulting in explaining the same situation over and over.

At Lawsuit Financial, we value every client and take pride in our personal, customer-oriented service approach; we know every client by name, not an account or case number. Many companies don’t care why the client seeks funding. At Lawsuit Financial, we think that does a disservice to the client. When calling with a meritorious case, seeking funding that trends expensive, a discussion of a clients’ financial “needs” versus “desires” is important. “Lawsuit funding is a very valuable service to someone who can’t get the money they need to pay the mortgage, daily living expenses and other critical bills,” says Mr. Bello.

Lawsuit Financial doesn’t stop there; providing a lawsuit cash advance to a client is not our only responsibility. We take time with each client to understand their financial situation and offer the best solution to improve their financial picture during their pending claim, and beyond. Our first-of-its-kind, FREE Client Resource Center (CRC), provides direction and knowledge to our clients to help them “get back on their feet” and ensure they are taking the right steps for their financial future. A professional CRC representative will conduct a one-on-one consultation to determine steps our clients can take. We take clients beyond the obvious steps and get into the real issues by identifying bill assistance programs that can help with paying the rent, medical bills, utility bills, credit card bills, and more.

Because time is of the essence for most clients, we do everything we can to make the process as quick and simple as possible. We don’t require a lot of documents like many larger funding companies so in most cases, we can provide a cash advance within 24 – 48 hours. Our main goal is to get money in our clients’ hands fast in order to help them with their financial emergency.

Many companies charge a host of fees: underwriting fees, shipping fees, application fees, wire fees, transaction fees, etc. Then, they roll these fees into the contract and the amount the client “received” in funding includes all of these fees. As profit begins to accumulate on the advance, it is also accumulating on these fees. At Lawsuit Financial, we offer a flat-fee funding approach and disclose all costs verbally and in bold print of our contract. We also offer a guaranteed compromise provision if the case doesn’t achieve predicted value.

Most of our clients come to us based on a recommendation from a friend, family member or an attorney who has used our services in the past. These testimonials attest to how we do business.

If you would like to see how Lawsuit Financial can help you with a lawsuit cash advance on your personal injury claim, contact us toll-free at 1-877-377-7848 or visit us online. Let Lawsuit Financial prove that bigger isn’t always better!