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Ballerina’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Targets Drunk Driver and Two Philadelphia Bars

Establishments that serve intoxicated drivers may be liable for injuries or fatalities caused in a drunk driving accident. Victims and their families should promptly seek legal counsel to determine fault and obtain compensation. Wrongful death suits can’t heal all wounds but they may help loved ones get the closure they need. With fatal auto accidents, lawsuits are often filed against a negligent driver, but in certain cases, local businesses can also be held liable. Losing a family member is devastating enough, but may also be accompanied by immediate expenses, such as medical bills and funeral and burial expenses. After a suit is filed, if the plaintiff needs financial assistance to withstand during a lengthy litigation process, seeking lawsuit funding may be the answer.

A Bulgaria ballerina, studying dance at the prestigious Rock School for Dance in Philadelphia, died last March after being struck by a hit-and-run. Eleven months later, all questions about who is criminally responsible have been answered; the driver pleaded guilty to homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence.

The young woman was crossing at a marked crosswalk not far from the dance school when she was struck and thrown 50 feet when a drunk driver celebrating his 19 birthday ran a red light. After fleeing the scene, he proceeded to hit three parked cars before he and a passenger ran off. Police arrested both men when they returned to the vehicle to retrieve some personal items. His blood-alcohol level was .156, putting the under-aged drinker at nearly twice the legal limit to drive. The ballerina suffered severe head and body injuries and died the next day after her parents traveled from Bulgaria and discontinued life support. Her body was buried in her hometown.

Now, an attorney for the ballerina’s estate has filed a wrongful death lawsuit seeking to hold the drunk driver and two South Philadelphia bars civilly responsible for her death. According to the suit, the drunk driver and his friends spent hours prior to the accident drinking at two bars, making the bars equally liable. Both bars deny the teens were in their establishments. One bar owner questioned the lawsuit saying, “What do they think they’re going to get out of us? We’re a corner taproom. The other bar owner said, “It’s our understanding that he was under age, so he wasn’t drinking in there.” The lawsuit seeks in excess of $50,000.

The lawsuit will take a long time to sort out; the bars will likely mount a vigorous defense and settlement or trial could be months, if not years, away. In the meantime, the family has lost a loved one and may be struggling with the medical, funeral, and burial expenses including transporting the woman’s body back to Bulgaria.

There is immediate financial assistance, known as lawsuit funding, available to families that find themselves in this type of situation, where a loved one has been killed due to the negligence of another, who are suing the guilty party(ies), and who find themselves behind on their bills and expenses. Lawsuit funding would allow the family precious time to wait for a fair and equitable settlement; if they desperately need money now, the only other alternative would be to settle a valuable case for pennies on the dollar to pay their bills. The only collateral required is a pending lawsuit. The application takes less than five minutes; approvals take 48 hours or less. Lawsuit funding is risk-free; repayment is contingent of the outcome of the case meaning if you lose, repayment is excused.

Lawsuits like this are about holding all responsible, including restaurants and bars, fully accountable for their actions. And, for plaintiffs who feel they cannot financially wait to seek justice, lawsuit funding can help. Call Lawsuit Financial today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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