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Avoid Financial Ruin. Get Lawsuit Funding!

Sustaining injuries in an auto accident is bad enough, but when the wrongdoer’s insurance company denies, delays, and defends the claim, an innocent victim will usually experience financial hardship. How will the victim get by especially if unable to return to work, has little savings and unable to received financial support from family or friends? There are two options – settle with the insurance company for less than the case is worth or applying for lawsuit funding.

Insurance companies make money by making you wait. They know the waiting process will often force a plaintiff to accept a lower settlement because the financial pressures are too much. A bank loan is highly unlikely because the bank requires collateral and current employment. However, lawsuit funding is based solely on the merits of the case. A lawsuit cash advance requires no collateral, employment history, or credit check. With a timely and strategic cash advance, plaintiffs can pay the necessary bills – medical, mortgage, car payments, food – while waiting for fair and just compensation.

Applying for lawsuit funding does not require an application fees; if approved, there are no monthly payments. Repayment is only made from the proceeds of the case, but if the case is lost repayment is completely waived.

Accepting a less-than-favorable settlement should not be considered until a plaintiff investigates lawsuit funding. Lawsuit funding may be the difference between pursuing justice through a meritorious case or simply walking away and failing to hold the wrongdoer accountable.

If you are a plaintiff seeking lawsuit damages against a company or individual and if the litigation process is wreaking havoc on your financial situation, you may benefit from lawsuit funding. Once you apply, we will talk to your attorney and evaluate your case. If approved, funds will be wired into your account in 24 – 48 hours so you can begin paying bills immediately. Get the fast financial solution; get lawsuit funding!

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